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Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge - South Andros

February 18-25, 2023

Double Occ. $5900 / Single Occ. $7750 / 7 days / 6 nights
Double Occ. $5400 / Single Occ. $6950 / 6 days /5 nights
Double Occ. $4750 / Single Occ. $6150 / 5 days / 4 nights
Double Occ. $3850 / Single Occ. $5350 / 4 days / 3 nights

If you drive all the way south on South Andros Island, you'll come to the small settlement at Mars Bay. Here, Bill Howard runs Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge and provides visiting anglers the best lodge-based access to the southern tip of Andros and the fantastic creeks that lie in between. Grassy and Hawk's Nest Creeks are within easy reach and the legendary flats of Jack Fish Channel, Water Cay, and Curley Cut Cay are within a 25-45 minute run from the lodge. We consider Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge to be one of the Bahama's top choices for adventuresome anglers and merits your close attention.

Mars Bay is laid back and unassuming. No mints on your pillows at night and you pour your own drinks. But don't let that mislead you! Great staff, food, and guides are always creating a wonderful atmosphere and making sure your trip goes off without a hitch. Your accommodations are clean and comfortable so you can rest easy knowing the only thing you have to worry about is making that next cast count.

Included: Transportations to/from Congo Town airport (TZN), room & 10% VAT (Bahamas Value Added Tax), accommodations, wi-fi, meals, basic beer/wine/alcohol, & guided fishing
Not Included: Airfare to Congo Town airport, fishing license, laundry service, guide and staff gratuities, & any specialty alcohol

*Lodge alcohol is provided while at the lodge, NOT during the fishing day. If you would like beers for the boat the lodge will provide them at an additional cost ($4 each).

About The Lodge
Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge. There is absolutely nothing pretentious about the lodge. We are not a high-end fancy resort. Mars Bay is a fishing lodge for fishermen. We use paper napkins, we won't crack your pepper for you, you'll not find a mint on your pillow, and you will not be greeted at the dock with a hot steaming towel to wipe your brow. You can grab your own beer and mix your own drink the way you like it. And we won't insult you by charging you for every beer, soda, or glass of booze you drink like some very expensive lodges do. It's included in the rate. Think of it as the difference between a stuffy dinner party or a casual gathering with good friends.

Bill Howard attends to the details. He is the American owner/operator and has been managing the lodge since it opened in 2002. He catches the fish and lobster for dinner. He maintains all the boats and equipment. He makes all the repairs around the lodge. He installed all the air conditioners and the tile new tile showers. He's a plumber, welder, mason, electrician, mechanic, carpenter, web designer, takes the bookings, does the billing, and arranges your transportation to/from the airport. He orders the supplies, fuels the boat, and carries the coolers. He is hands on and has the reputation as being the hardest working lodge manager in the Bahamas.

None of it would be possible without having an excellent staff of cooks, maids, and guides doing their jobs.

The lodge has a laid back vibe to but don't let that mislead you. Everything goes off on time as scheduled. One review said the lodge runs like a Swiss watch. The reviews are always the same; great food, great house staff, clean rooms, excellent guides, well maintained boats, great fishing, we'll be back.

We are a small lodge with capacity for eight fishermen.

We take bookings for singles, doubles, and sets to fill the lodge. Because we are a small lodge it sets up great for groups wanting to reserve the entire lodge.

Mars Bay is situated on the southeastern tip of Andros that affords anglers a short and easy skiff ride to pristine flats teeming with unpressured bonefish. The lodge itself is located on a flat large enough for a dozen fishermen. Mars Bay is the end of the road. To go any further south you will have to hop in a boat. That puts you ten miles closer to the best fishing grounds on Andros than the nearest lodge. What does that mean to you? No less than a ten mile shorter run over rough open water and an extra hour or two fishing each day. By the end of the week you've fished an entire extra day or two.

You can expect to encounter everything from large schools, classic sight casting to smaller schools of five to twenty fish in the two to ten pound category, as well as shots at cruising doubles and singles exceeding ten pounds!

You will be on the water early and back safely in time for dinner. In twelve years we have never had a boat break down. At the end of the day if you still want to fish or practice your cast you’re welcome to step out onto the flats in front of the villa and fish till dark. We catch bones there on a regular basis. That is assuming the tide isn't up. You will find the accommodations clean and modern, the food is great, the equipment reliable, the guides excellent, and the beer ice cold.

North Andros Fly Fishing

Prices and dates to come
About The Lodge
Your Trip: Guided fishing, Food, Lodging
Excludes: Flights, Tips Location: Zapata, Cuba
Target Fish: Bonefish

North Andros Andros Island, known as the “Bonefishing Capitol of the World” lives up to its reputation with more remote, fishable flats than any other island in the Caribbean or West Indies. Conveniently located 150 miles southeast of Miami, Florida, the 100 plus mile long, 40-mile wide mysterious island offers vast, uncrowded flats you can wade and fish for days.
While the average bonefish runs five to seven pounds, daily chances to catch the elusive double-digit bones are common. Anglers sight-fish and hunt the ten-plus pounders for the thrill of the powerful fight, both from the boat and wading. Our waters also offer Permit, Snapper, Barracuda and Tarpon on the fly. Special pre-arranged trips to the uninhabited West Side of Andros may be available, (weather-dependent). You will explore the vast system of estuaries and creeks that snake through the west coastline providing protection and home to Tarpon and Permit. To preserve our resources all fish are released.
Once you’ve experienced the pulse racing, ripping-line catch of a bonefish, you’ll however be permanently hooked. We specialize in fishing the famous Joulters’ Cays, 20 miles of a “bonefishermans’ paradise flats”. Your shallow-draft flats boat winds through the deep-water channels and around the small cays that separate the vast variety of flats. The sheer numbers and size of the bonefish inhabitants will excite and challenge you.In the Joulter Cays, the flats are mainly hard, white sand making this area a perfect spot for anglers who like to wade. We feel the best way to access this area is with North Andros Fly Fishing located in Nichols Town. Comfortable accommodations, great guides, good equipment, and delicious food make this spot a sure winner.
The late Phillip Rolle's North Andros Flyfishing caters to 4-6 anglers hosted in a private cottage just a short two-minute walk to the beach. The program is anchored by the experienced and sought after guide crew making this location ideal for anglers who are more interested in fishing than luxury accommodations.
Included: Accommodations, meals, guided fishing, non-alcoholic beverages, transfer to/from San Andros airport
Not Included: Travel to Andros Island, 10% VAT (Bahamas Value Added Tax), airport departure taxes, alcoholic beverages, equipment, flies, staff & drivers & guide gratuities, and fishing license
*West Side fuel surcharge is $200 per boat/day
*NOTE - North Andros Fly-fishing has had to re-focus and has had some substantial changes recently. Sadly, our dear friend Philip passed away in August of 2021. Shortly beforehand, his lifelong partner Betsy did not survive the COVID-19 pandemic and succumbed to the virus earlier in the summer. North Andros is now being operated by Osiris Rolle and a new team on the ground.

Mangrove Cay Club - Andros Island

Double Occ. Shared Guide $4,700 / Single Occ. 1 Guide $10,500 / 7 nights / 6 days
Double Occ. Shared Guide $6,200 / Single Occ. 1 Guide $9,300 / 6 nights / 5 days
Double Occ. Shared Guide $5,400 / Single Occ. 1 Guide $8,100/ 5 nights / 4 days
Double Occ. Shared Guide $4,400 / Single Occ. 1 Guide $6,600 / 4 nights / 3 days
Double Occ. Shared Guide $3,400 / Single Occ. 1 Guide $5,100 / 3 nights / 2 days

About The Lodge
Your Trip: Guided fishing, Food, Lodging
Excludes: Flights, Tips
Location: Andros Island
Target Fish: Bonefish

Andros Island is the largest of The Bahama islands. It is only a short flight from Nassau, Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Despite its convenient access to the US, it is mostly uninhabited and unspoiled, protected from development by its shallow water shorelines and lack of natural harbors.
Flat and heavily forested, Andros is not a single island, but a labyrinth of islands, cays and waterways. It extends about 100 miles from north to south and 45 miles east to west at its widest point, with an area of 2,300 square miles. Andros is also one of the least populated islands with a mere 8,000 souls. All live in small settlements on the eastern side of the island leaving the vast interior and western shores untouched. To our first time visitors, it is almost incomprehensible that such a place can still exist in the world, especially so close to the United States.
Mangrove Cay is an island in the center of Andros which is separated by waterways that bisect the island from east to west. These are the North, Middle and South Bights, themselves dotted with countless uninhabited cays. This collection of mangrove forests, shallow shores, vast banks and flats make up the largest area of bonefish habitat in the world, establishing Andros as the Bonefishing Capital of the World.
Mangrove Cay Club is the Bahamas’ premier saltwater fly fishing lodge. Located smack in the middle of the Andros fishery, the largest area of bonefish habitat in the world, Mangrove Cay offers unrivalled access to the Bahamas best bonefishing from the comfort of one of the most comfortable, hospitable lodges in the world. Our guides are capable of coaching beginning saltwater anglers or hunting trophy bonefish with experienced fly fishers. They are full-time professional guides who will make sure your days on the water are fun, safe, and educational. Combine our guides, our fishing, our meals, and our acommodations, and there is no better place to fish in the Bahamas.
Fall 2023/Winter 2024 Season rates are subject to increase and have not be set for the season. The rates will be set in June after we complete our season.

Little Abaco Bonefish Lodge -
Little Abaco Island - Hosted

October 29 to November 5, 2022
Double Occ. $3,750 / Single Occ. $4,895 / 7 nights / 6 days
Double Occ. $3,250 / Single Occ. $4,250 / 6 nights / 5 days
Double Occ. $2,800 / Single Occ. $3,650 / 5 nights / 4 days
Double Occ. $2,350 / Single Occ. $3,200 / 4 nights / 3 days
Double Occ. $1,750 / Single Occ. $2,600 / 3 nights / 2 days

Remote and virtually unfished...
This small, humble lodge, which houses up to six anglers, is strategically positioned to access the vast area surrounding Little Abaco Island's northern coast. We have always known the habitat that surrounds Little Abaco Island to be an untapped treasure and we have tried for years to encourage existing outfitters to fish the area. But now the wait is over! Sidney and Ketta Thomas recently moved their operation from Water Cay (north of Grand Bahama) to the quaint community of Crown Haven on Little Abaco. The next nearest fishing lodge is almost 50 miles away, making Little Abaco Bonefish Lodge worth serious consideration. If you have a weekend or a week, come to Crown Haven and experience a bonefishing bonanza.

Sidney and his guide crew grew up here and cut their teeth on the local waters. Their veteran experience and professional manner rank them as some of the best guides we have come across in the Bahamas. Whether you are hunting tailing fish on foot or from the bow of their
Beavertail skiffs you will be in good hands.

Ketta runs the show at the lodge, making sure everything is clean and well kept, all the while keeping everyone well fed on traditional Bahamian fare. This is not a fancy lodge, but is air-conditioned, comfortable, and enough amenities for any hardcore angler.

Big Charlies - Andros

About The Lodge
Your Trip: Guided fishing, Food, Lodging
Excludes: Flights, Tips
Location: Behring Point, Bahamas
Target Fish: Bonefish

Big Charlies. Bonefish: there’s no denying this powerful fish is what draws most anglers to the Bahamas. They seem tailor-made for fly fishing and light tackle; they love shallow, clear water in warm environment, are spooky but not too hard to catch, and love small flies. And, while we love our bonefish, Andros also has even more to offer. In season you’ll find Tarpon, Permit, Mutton Snapper, Barracuda, Jack Crevalle and a variety of other species, all great fun on light tackle. In calm weather a short run off-shore will yield shots at bluewater species like Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, and Wahoo.

Andros also boasts one of the largest barrier reefs in the world and it abounds with Grouper, Snapper, and large Jacks, just to name a few species. Andros is deeply connected to the sport of bonefishing. Bonefishing began on Andros 1948 when a young man named Cornel Torn opened the Bang Bang club. At that time guides were using spin rods. Then, somewhere in the 1960s a small group of anglers began using fly rods on the flats of the Florida Keys. From there it was a small hop across the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas, where they soon realized that the shear square mileage of bonefish flats was beyond imagination. According to legend, two guides introduced fly-fishing to Andros, out performing any other technique. Bahamas’ guides quickly adopted it, and began using Flugger reels, Fenwick fiberglass and bamboo rods. Seeing the fight these fish give today on modern fly-tackle, its a wonder they ever landed any… but land them they did. In the decades that followed guides like Big Charlie Neymour have taken bonefishing on fly to the next level, learning how to fool double-digit bones with astonishing regularity.

The culmination of generations of guiding wisdom and culture, Charlie is known for his professionalism and humor on the water, and his genuine love of fishing. His bonefishing career started at the age of 13 when he caught blue crabs as bait for older guides (all legends of the sport) like Ruddy, Ivon, Erold, William, Carl Cockley, to name a few. After years exploring the flats on his own, Charlie moved to Florida to study the art of fly fishing and professional guiding in the Florida Keys. When he’s not personally available he hand picks the best Andros guides for his guests. Under his experienced eye the lodge’s guiding and fishing operations run as smooth as the drag on a quality reel. In the words of Stephen Vletas (author of The Bahamas Fly-Fishing Guide), “Charlie is my personal favorite saltwater guide, and if I had one day left to fish it would be with him in Andros.“ Fatiha has a way of bringing a uniquely personal touch to the fishing lodge experience. She is the founder and developer of Big Charlie & Fatiha’s Bonefishing Lodge.

Originally from Morocco with a degree in Hotel Hospitality she can converse in 5 languages. There are no “stock” trips here! Every detail is considered. Fatiha acts as liaison for guests regarding transportation to and from the airport and confirmation of local flights. Having an intimate knowledge of Andros culture helps her run a smooth operation from touch-down to take-off for every guest. Fatiha’s knowledge in guest services includes fine foods and wine. She’s in charge of the lodge’s famous cuisine, and under her watchful eye the kitchen staff prepares some of the most delicious meals found at any fishing lodge in the Bahamas. Fatiha also handles any special needs guests might have—food alergies, etc.—and her personal touch makes the lodge feel like home.