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Orvis Helios 3 Fly Rods
Orvis Helios 3 Fly Rods

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Orvis Helios 3:


Orvis Helios 3 Fly Rods

Amazing new fly rods best I have seen in years the 9 foot 8 wt in the D, the 9ft 5F and 5D are outstanding fly rods.
More testing has been done with trips to Chile, Amazon and a few Bonefish locations the 9D is a winner also. Helios 3 is no joke a true game changer in fly rod tech.

There is a famous quote by Wyatt Earp, "Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything." What anglers discover with experience is just that. In fly fishing, accuracy is everything. Whether it's the right drift in the feeding lane, the sightline of a cruising predator, or the right level of the water column, the difference between success and failure is often measured in inches.

All modern fly rods are powerful, but accuracy is the new frontier in fly design. Making an 80-foot cast in saltwater is prospecting. Making a forty-foot cast on the nose of a laid-up tarpon is fishing. Reflect on your greatest successes and failures as an angler and the answer is clear. Accuracy breeds success.

The H3 brings us a fundamental shift from flex profiles to a new frontier in accuracy and purpose-driven design. Helios 3F and 3D each offer uncompromising purpose. 3F is accuracy with finesse, a dry fly angler's dream. 3D is accuracy with power at distance for pinpoint delivery of larger flies. The difference is taper and stiffness, but the design foundation of accuracy remains constant. To play the game at its highest level there can be no compromise and for every angler the H3 is the pinnacle of purpose, designed to master the moment and meet the demands of accuracy on a spring creek with a 3F or a tarpon flat with a 3D. Choose the game, then choose the weapon.

A few words about the H3 from our Orvis regional rep Doug Bear.

The Original Development & Performance Attributes of The H3
Four years ago the rod team began the process of developing the H3. They decided the first step should be to identify what customers, opinion leaders & guides felt were most important in a rods performance. A survey was created and all were asked to rate the importance of power, weight, strength, distance & accuracy. The survey showed that the most important attribute in a rod was accuracy. Therefore the primary design focus became accuracy.
Step 2: The team determined early on that the current ways of measuring accuracy were too subjective so they decided to find a way to measure vibration scientifically within a lab setting. Through an existing association and much research we now have a scientific tool that measures vibration and tip displacement. We can now better evaluate how a rod tracks. We can measure how fast a rod recovers/dampens. We are also better able to measure specific material and performance capabilities. We can now scientifically prove that the new H3’s throw a straighter line & turnover leaders with much less vibration or directional change.
Step 3: They next determined what most effects accuracy. The key is hoop strength. What is hoop strength? ….If you look at a cross section of a rod you’ll note that it is circular but when a rod is cast, that circular shape distorts. As it bends the hoop ovalizes or compresses. The more it compresses the less hoop strength that rod has. The goal was to reduce compression so to increase hoop strength and in turn reduce vibration.
Step 4: In order to increase hoop strength they had to evaluate different material selections. They first researched and studied possible options which included approx. 60 different material sets. Progressively they culled it down to 5 viable choices which used different resin systems & material densities. They then started work on the load, profiles & additional resin applications. Before going further let me define what load and profile are in our world. Load simply measures how stiff a rod is and profile is the distribution of the load thru the length of the rod. So simply put the profile or rods taper will affect the load characteristics. This process led us to making changes in the way we apply & lay up the scrim & various blank materials. It also lead to some very exciting new manufacturing equipment and techniques.
Step 5: After much study and field testing we created two very unique profiles (what we are calling the F & D’s). The two profiles have significantly different performance attributes and are not designed to work in the classic sense (with a casters style) but rather for different fishing needs. Both will cast well at short and long distances but specifically the D will work best when facing wind or throwing big heavy flies or when it’s important to cast with a more aggressive/powerful stroke. The F works best when you need to make more technical casts, where feel and manipulation are key. The bottom line here is a customer needs to ask them self, what am I going to do most.
Step 6: In developing these new rod tapers it became apparent that fly line tapers and tempers have considerable effects on the performance of these rods. Lines have always allowed a user to custom an outfit for specific needs but the sensitivity of the H3 is even more responsive to the design character of a fly line. Line choice for the H3’s can now provide a customer an even higher level of performance and diversity.
Additional Attributes
It is great to note that these rods have:
Significantly more durability and more impact resistance.
The best ferrule engagement we have tested.
Proprietary US made type 3 anodized reel seats w/double star threads that engage and hold like no other and a unique slide band that doesn’t rotate. It ultimately provides the best quality, precision and performance Orvis has ever made.
The Dull Finish – the Covert proved that a dull finish has a powerful following but regardless may or may not be attractive to some but it was ultimately chosen for its improved durability, increased stealth and ferule engagement.
No Hook keeper – Yup we are taking a position not to offer one. The company knows that when using leaders longer than the rod many customer awkwardly pull the leader thru some of the guides and tip top That is a very common cause of tip breakage. This provides an opportunity for education on how to better apply leader & fly while so to protect & reduce tip breaks
The White Band – Yes the rods line, length and type are more easily identified and that has obvious value but in addition the aesthetic message supports the fact that these rods are unique high performance tools and are outstanding in all ways. Old school esthetics are nice but these rods are not old school. They are the most accurate & durable fishing tools we have ever designed…. BAR NONE! We dare to be different and we are challenging our customers to challenge us on our claim.
There is also a subliminal value to the band… As the new film tours start there it will be very apparent to all watching when a fisher is using one of our rods. There is always a fine line between art and commercialism when making films for the various tours. These rods will take away the need for close-up’s of equipment when it is perhaps not the appropriate thing to do but has been requested by the manufacturers. Films that include our rods will not need to do the close ups. It will be very apparent

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